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Payroll Services

Comprehensive Online Payroll Solutions for your business


Valor offers a web based software called ACH Online that allows any business member the ability to create and securely transmit electronic payments and deposits. This software package will allow you to enter transaction information such as dates, amounts, routing numbers, account numbers and information relating to term and frequency, and then the transaction files generated are formatted as a standard ACH file so that the credit union can process them electronically.

If your processing software does not currently have the capability to create ACH files for secure electronic submission, contact Valor to find out more about how we may be able to assist your business.


Consider Valor Credit Union for all your business needs.

Please contact our Member Service Center, at 1.844.825.6728 or email us at support@valorcu.org, to set up a consultation about your business needs.

Be prepared to bring your personal taxes, existing business taxes and a Personal Financial Statement.