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Deluxe Checks Reorder

Reorder your personalized checks


Deluxe Corporation is our selected vendor for all of your checking needs. Whether you prefer NASCAR®, Disney® or Harley-Davidson® designs, your alma mater's logo, or the always-inspiring scenic prints, Deluxe makes it easy to express your individual sense of style. And all checks are printed with the quality and security you would expect from the nation's most trusted check supplier.

New Checking Account

Upon opening a Valor or Kasasa Checking Account with Valor Credit Union, the member service representative will give you a Welcome Pak, containing 20 checks and 10 deposit tickets. This supply usually lasts the average user about 3-months.

Re-Order Checks

After you have exhausted your initial supply of checks from your Welcome Pak, you will need to re-order checks through the Deluxe system. Login to Online Banking and click the gear icon next to your checking account and select "Order Checks" from the menu. Or visit the Deluxe re-ordering site directly. The re-ordering site will contain an online catalog of options that you can browse through and ultimately choose the design you want. Once your order is placed, the checks will be delivered directly to your home.

If you are a 65+ member, you will receive your checks for free.*

Conditions & Notes

* 65+ Members receive free checks for the life of their account. Limit one box per calendar year.