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Direct Deposit

Increase the safety and convenience of receiving your pay


Skip the lines at the branch and sign up for Direct Deposit to have your paychecks, Social Security payments, or any other regular deposits you may receive deposited directly into your Valor account and available for use the same day. It's secure, hassle-free, and fee-free. Plus, you can determine if you want the funds distributed into one or several of your Valor accounts.

  • Direct Deposit Requirements

These are required to set up direct deposit into your chosen account(s):

  • Inform the payment processor, for instance your company's payroll, personnel or HR department, or the Social Security office, that you want to take advantage of Direct Deposit.
  • Provide them with your Valor account number (if you choose to distribute the funds into more than one account, you will need to provide all the necessary account numbers), type of account (Savings or Checking), and the Valor routing number which is 231386331.
    If you are choosing to have all or some of the funds deposited into a Valor Share Savings Account, the account number can be found on your monthly or quarterly statement.
    If you are choosing to have all or some of the funds deposited into a Valor or Kasasa Checking Account, the account number is the full 10 digit account number that is printed on the bottom of your checks. You may also be required to provide the payment processor with a copy of a voided check as well.

Once you are set up, the date funds will begin being directly deposited into your account(s) will be determined by the payment processor based on their processing criteria. They will generally notify you about when to expect the first direct deposit in your account(s).