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ATM FeeAlert™

Save Your Money!


As you may know, we currently offer all members the ability to use the Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network. But have you ever been in a location where you didn't know where an Allpoint ATM was located? Maybe you were right next to a surcharge free ATM and just didn't know it.

If you'd like to avoid this issue in the future, we suggest signing up for FeeAlert. Once you sign up for this service, we'll monitor your ATM transactions and in the case that you pay a usage fee at an ATM, we'll let you know where a free-of-charge ATM is located in that vicinity so that next time you're in that area, you can save yourself a fee and keep that money in your account.

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Terms & Conditions

By opting into the FeeAlert™ service you agree to receive either emails and/or SMS messages regardless if you have previously opted out of receiving promotional messages from the credit union. Please be aware that information transmitted via Internet e-mail may not be secure, and Valor Credit Union cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to an Internet e-mail address. Although the FeeAlert™ service is designed to give you timely notice of specific events, it cannot provide immediate notice. You may encounter errors, interruptions, delays or failures in the receipt of your FeeAlert™ which may or may not be out of the control of Valor, such as technical difficulties suffered through your Internet service provider or wireless communications carrier. Further, some cell phones or certain other devices may omit a portion of the Alert. Valor makes no warranties to you about the timeliness of the FeeAlert™ service or the accuracy.