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Access your accounts 24 hours a day, every day.


The ValTel24 Audio Response System Phone Access allows you FREE access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inquire about balance information, retrieve transaction history, transfer money, or make a payment even when you cannot get to a branch or to an internet-enabled device.

First Time Caller

When first accessing the system, there is no immediate requirement for signing up. Only after attempting to take certain actions will you be required to setup your account.

Follow these example steps below when using ValTel24 Phone Access for the first time:

  1. Call the toll free ValTel24 number, 1.800.253.2334
  2. Press 1 for Account Balances
  3. You will then be prompted for your account number.
  4. Verification of identity must be completed next. This can be done by either entering in your social security number or tax identification number.
  5. The system will then prompt the user to set a 4 digit PIN.
  6. The member will be prompted to re-enter the PIN.
  7. The system will then give you two options. Either press 1 to hear your PIN or press 2 to complete the process and proceed to Account Balances.

System Prompts

The following is the Main Menu of options when first accessing ValTel24:

  • 1 Account Balances
  • 2 Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
  • 3 Card Services
  • 4 Share or Loan Withdrawal
  • 5 Account History
  • 6 Interest Rates
  • 7 More Options

Things to Remember

You may key ahead at any time during the session, you don't need to wait for the voice prompt.

The following are Global Commands that can be used from any area of the ValTel24 phone system:

  • 0 Transfer to Member Service Representative
  • * Go Back
  • # Repeat
  • 1* Help
  • 3* Main Menu
  • 5* Skip
  • 7* Hang Up
  • 9* Change Member

Call Flow Chart

For easy reference

Please refer to this call flow chart to better assist you in navigating through the system:

Valtel24 Call Flow Chart