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Debit Cards

The convenient way to access cash or pay for purchases

Visa Debit Card

Valor Visa Debit Cards are your one-stop payment option. It's quicker than writing a check, safer than carrying cash, more versatile than an ATM card and less hassle than a credit card. To get your Visa Debit Card, visit one of our convenient branches and open a Valor Checking Account!

Understand your Check Card

A Visa Debit Card isn't meant to replace checks completely, rather it's designed to be a check alternative for those occasions when writing a check isn't convenient– for example, when you're in the express line at the grocery store, or shopping online.

Your Visa Debit Card also differs from a credit card as well. While you use it to pay for things like you would a credit card, those purchases aren't charged against a line of credit instead they are deducted from available funds in your Valor Checking Account. There aren't any interest charges to worry about, nor will you be sent a bill at the end of the month. Every purchase you make will post to your account automatically and appear on your monthly Valor Checking Account statement.

Finally, your Visa Debit Card is also your ATM card. It can be used at any of the thousands of ATMs that display the STAR, MAC or PLUS logos, or those within the surcharge free CU$ or Allpoint networks to withdraw cash, make deposits, check balances or transfer funds.

Do I select "Debit" or "Credit?"

When paying for a purchase with your Valor Visa Debit Card, you may be asked to choose between a "Debit" option and a "Credit" option. This can be confusing if you don't understand the differences between each option. When you select "Debit," your purchase will be processed like an ATM transaction and you will be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). When you select "Credit," you will be asked to sign for the purchase and then the transaction will be processed through the Visa network. This tends to be a more secure option because those transactions are covered by Visa's Zero Liability policy, affording you maximum protection against fraud.

Also note, that with a Kasasa Checking Account all debit purchases must be run as credit in order for the transaction to be counted towards the qualifications.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that the purchase amount will still be deducted from available funds in your Valor Checking Account and that your accounts are always protected with us, no matter what.

Verified By Visa

We are now offering Verified by Visa on all our Debit Cards. Find out more.

Fraud Alerts

Valor has a Risk Management center that is constantly monitoring your transactions to ensure that no fraudulent or illegal activity occurs on your accounts. If fraudulent activity is detected, the Risk Management center will contact you via an automated system to verify charges that may seem questionable.

Should the Risk Management center need to contact you regarding any suspicious activity on your account(s), please know that you will never be asked to provide any personal information such as a social security number or account numbers to the representative. However, should you ever receive a call where the caller does ask you to release personal information, hang up and inform a Valor Credit Union representative as soon as possible, as it could be a scam.

Additionally, if your Visa card is ever lost or stolen, contact:

Lost/Stolen Line: 1-800-682-6075

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