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Secure Visa Checklist

Take these steps to ensure a more secure experience

Steps To Take

Valor Credit Union would like to remind their credit card account holders of some important plastic safety precautions.

Plastic Card Safety Check List

A Visa Debit Card isn't meant to replace checks completely, rather it's designed to be a check alternative for those occasions when writing a check isn't convenient– for example, when you're in the express line at the grocery store, or shopping online.

  • Sign your cards immediately upon receipt.
  • Carry only credit cards you plan to use.
  • Watch all charge card transactions carefully.
  • Store unused cards in a secure, locked place.
  • Cut up and discard old or unwanted cards.
  • Never loan your plastic cards or PIN to others.
  • Inventory all the cards you own and keep the list separate from your cards.

Other Information

Sign your plastic cards with permanent ink immediately upon receipt. Writing “See Identification” on the signature panel does not protect your account from fraudulent charges.

Open your billing statement promptly. Review all the transactions carefully and if you do find an error report it immediately by writing to the address on your statement.

Inattentive and careless habits will make you more vulnerable to plastic card theft. By following these precautions you will be able to limit any losses.